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Wild Man X3 Bicycle Touch Screen Handlebar Phone Bag Rainproof EVA Hard Shell Tube Bag for Bike

RM 39.90


1. Sensitive TPU touch screen

2. Compressive hard shell design: effectively protect your belongings

3. Carbon texture PU: cool appearance

4. Quick disassembly design: easy to install and take off the bag

5. Waterproof zipper + waterproof fabric: slightly rainproof, can not be exposed to rain for a long time

6. Horizontal screen installation: multi-angle, convenient for personal navigation and visual hobby selection

7. Double zipper design

8. Reflective pattern design: improve cycling safety at night

9. Built-in double-layer compartment: you can put your personal belongings

10. Integrated headphone jack and the charging hole design: it is convenient to listen to music, and you can also connect the charging cable to your power bank to charge mobile phones or car lights and other electronic products

11. Inclined design: reduce the time of looking down at the screen, making it easier to look at the phone screen


Product main material: PU+EVA+TPU

Product color: Black

Product size: 210x105x50mm/8.27x4.13x1.97"

Net weight: 182g

Suitable phone size: conventional mobile phones: 4.7-5.5 inch screen mobile phones, full screen mobile phones: 5.5-6.7 inch screen mobile phones

Function: Place all kinds of cycling items