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OZUKO Sling Crossbody Bag Comfortable USB Multi-pocket New Multifunction Casual Chest Bag Shoulder Beg Waterproof

RM 59.50


- Protective design, durable materials, and a sleek finish, this is your new favorite Ozuko Cross-Body Sling Bag.

- Made of water-resistant fabric, lightweight and breathable.

- USB external charging provided.

- Soft air permeability padded back cushion shoulder straps make it light and comfortable.

- High capacity and multilayer storage space.

- A partner for your working,sports,trip and school.

- Waterproof, looks good,strong, light, ergonomic and comfortable to wear.


- Material: Water-repellant high quality fabric

- Colour: Black, Grey, Blue, Camouflage

- Size: Length 19cm, Width 13cm, Height 34cm

- Function: Waterproof, wear resistant

- Occasion: Casual/Business/College/Travel/Outdoor Sport/Hiking/Camping/Climbing/Cycling