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Mobile Phone Radiator X9 Portable Cooler Cooling Fan Gaming Semiconductor Charging Fast Gadget Coolant Heat Sink 手机散熱器

RM 54.99


  • Mobile phone meets summer
  • Mobile phone heat dissipation back clip, rapid cooling / temperature display
  • Colorful mute / universal for multi size equipment
  • Colorful breathing lamp effect
  • Silent fan
  • Increase the game atmosphere and run at high speed with low noise
  • Undisturbed mute make a quiet fan
  • Dual interface design
  • Charging while cooling
  • The radiator works and charges the mobile phone. Play and rush the game for a long time without power failure
  • 2 options available, Type C or Lightning cable


Product Name: ice sealed mobile phone semiconductor radiator

Model: x9

Material: PC + aluminum alloy + copper foil + silica gel

Interface: type-C input

Input current: DC5V / 2A max / DC 9V / 3A Max

Output: DC5V / 2amax / wireless charging 10W (maximum)

Compatibility: compatible mobile phone width 68mm-89mm

Color: carbon crystal black

Weight: the main body is about 83g (excluding packaging)


Note: water vapor or water droplets will be generated during the refrigeration process of the refrigeration radiator, which is a normal physical phenomenon of refrigeration and will not cause damage to the mobile phone