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ICE COOREL N10 RGB Laptop Cooler Pad USB Adjustable Height 2 Powerful Fans 12 to 21 inch PC Notebook

RM 93.90


1. Twin turbo fan design, strong heat dissipation

2. Convection air inlet design, large area at the bottom of the air, with 2mm large mesh, smooth ventilation

3. Dual USB output ports, plug and play, do not occupy the interface of the laptop

4. Five levels of height adjustment to meet different needs and protect the cervical spine

5. Suitable for laptops within 21 inches

Product parameters:

1. Material: High quality ABS material

2. Interface: USB x 2

3. Rated current: 800MA

4. Rated power: 4W

5. Rated voltage: DC 5V

6. Working current: 1.1A

7. Working power: 5.5W

8. Speed regulation: six-speed wind speed regulation

9. Fan speed: high speed at about 1150rpm

10. Fan size: 14 x 1.5 cm

11. Cable length: 0.7 meters

12. Product size: 46.1 x 29.4 x 5.2 cm

13. Product weight: about 1680 grams