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V8S + BM800 Mic Set Live Sound Card Bluetooth USB Set Audio Interface Microphone Studio Streaming Recording for Phone PC

RM 62.90

V8S Sound Card

- The voice changer sound card has multiple sound Effects include: 8 mode selections, 16 live electro-effects options, each sound effect will bring different surprises to you .

- Compatible with computer accompaniment , cell phone live, music instrument input mobile phone . Mini sound mixer board is great to support android or apple devices, mobile phones, live streaming to change your voice.

- The mini sound mixer board has many functions. Such as funny sound , atmosphere adjustment, reverb effect musical, real-time ear, dodge function , instruments added , accompaniment , multi-platform , bass adjustment and so on.

- The mini sound mixer board Built-in dual DSP noise reduction chips and ECHO , The Voice Changer Sound Card has dual DSP noise reduction chips, which can avoid the influence of current noise, ensure high-quality sound , make your voice more charming.

- Bluetooth connection : Turn on the live sound card, search for "V8S" and click the link. The V8S sound card has a memory function and will automatically pair with your device when it works again.

- Able to use with most major mainstream Kara song software, IOS and Android phone ,Tablets , Computer, Earphone, Speaker, Microphone.

- Material : metal matte body

BM-800 Condenser Microphone

- Professional Recording Studio Equipment: Equipped with BM-800 microphone, Shock mount, Pop filter, Mic adjustable suspension scissor arm stand, Anti-wind foam Cap, Power cable, Sound card

- Sensitive Capture: The BM-800 features thin material diaphragm or “capsule” which vibrates and sends a signal to the output when engaged and is hit by sound waves, it provides an extremely accurate and highly detailed representation of what’s being played

- Great in both Vocal and Instruments: Wide frequency response makes it an ideal mic to capture vocals, acoustic guitars, acoustic pianos and even strings as the condenser is able to take an accurate snapshot and capture all the subtleties and nuances inherent in these instruments.

- Low Noise: It features high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) that means less distortion to be caused on the process of recording, Unique 3-layer protection system prevents unwanted pop noises—providing singers with a clear, plosive-free vocal performance

Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with XLR Cable:

- Foldable double-braced arms are made of iron, durable and sturdy.

- You can freely adjust to the suitable angle and height to show your perfect voice.

Pop Filter:

- Wire mesh and foam interior gives excellent distortion-free recording without degrading the quality of your voice.

- Diameter: 5.9 inches / 15 centimeters