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USB Studio Condenser Mic Recording Microphone dota2 youtube csgo +Free Gift

RM 79.00

With the USB terminal to supply power, the condenser microphone needs no 48V phantom power, battery, Mixer, or other assistive devices.

Echo Function: The microphone has built-in Reverb chip. Adjust the reverb knob on the microphone to add perfect reverb effect. No need for sound card.

Cardioid pick-up pattern minimizes background noise and isolates the main sound source

With Professional amplifier chip, you can amplify the output volume of the microphone up to 25 times & Material: aluminum, alloy, paint-sprayed surface & 3.5mm computer microphone input interface

No driver installation, no tedious debugging. Even inexperienced users can also use the microphone for fast recording. Come with convenient desktop stand, and anti-wind foam cap, easier to use.


Product Description

Color: black

The advanced USB condenser microphone is specially designed for broadcast vocals, network singing and most musical instruments recording. It is easy to operate with no need for phantom power, sound card, and interfaces via USB to any personal computer or apple computer.


-Condenser Microphone

-Frequency response: 30Hz-20KHz

-Polar Pattern: Cardioid(0°-180°@1KHz > 12db)

-Signal to Noise Ratio: 70dB

-Highest Sound Pressure Level: 120dB S.P.L

-Sensitivity: 25mV/Pa (-32dB±2dB)

-Microphone amplifier function

- 2.5m cable with 3.5mm Jack &USB connector

-Power supply: USB DC5V

Lowest Computer System Configuration

-CPU: Intel P4 1.6GHz

-Memory: 512M

-HDD: 500M

-Graphics: Onboard graphics

- Sound Card: Onboard sound card, microphone input, monitoring function

-USB Interface: Free USB interface

-Network bandwidth: 512K

-Monitoring equipment: Headphones


1x USB microphone; 1x Stand; 1x Anti-wind foam cap; 1x 2.5m USB audio cable

Let's watch the video below to see how incredible it is!