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USB Rechargeable XML T6 CREE LED Bicycle Bike Front Back Light Cycling Lamp zoom Torch

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USB Rechargeable XML T6 CREE LED Bicycle Bike Front and Back Light Cycling Lamp Adjustable Zooms

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With its strong and sharp design, a 3W high-power imported XPE lamp, equipped with acrylic spotlight cover, can light up long distance of 30-50 meters at night, ensuring your riding safety

3.4 Level Waterproof, the button is covered with expanded rubber, the USB charging interface is sealed with silicone dustproof cover, and it is safe to ride on a rainy day.

[Model]: Type 2256 USB Rechargeable Bicycle Light

[Color]: matt black light body, gray black lamp;

[Modes]: High level light, Medium Level light, Blinking Light

[Battery]: The latest rechargeable polymer Li battery (3.7V, 1200MAH)

[Charge]: computer or mobile power USB interface charging, you can also use power bank to charge it

[weight]: net weight: 91g

[Size]: length 105* width 33* height 90mm;

[Applicable]: handlebar diameter: 20-31mm;


-This product is novel in design, using the new imported high-power bright highlight XPE (about 200lm) as a light source, highlighting fashion trends and technology atmosphere.

-HIGH PERFORMANCE OPTICS High-performance optics: Crystal acrylic transparent spotlight cover, light distance, at night visibility View meters: 30-50 meters, fully protect your riding safety.

-Super waterproof, push button switch and USB charging interface cover with expanded rubber cover, riding on a rainy day without worry.

-Button functions:

Multi-function design (function: click to enter, click shift: highlight start - highlight - low light - blink - close, long press 2 seconds to exit closed), to meet the riding function requirements.

Battery indicator Battery indicator: When the remaining battery capacity is <25%, the indicator light glows red;

When the remaining power> 25%, the indicator light does not light;

Charging indication: The indicator lights up blue when fully charged;

-Super power saving, modes 4 mode:

Power Mode Highlight Mode (200lm) ---- Lighting Time (3h):

Standard Mode (100lm) ---- Lighting Time (4h):

Eco Mode Eco Mode (50lm)----Lighting Time (7h):

Flashing Mode Flash Mode (200lm) ---- Lighting Time (6h):

-USB interface charge, using the world's most popular lithium ion polymer battery (3.7V, 1200MAH), high charging speed, generally charge 3-4 hours, usage time is about 3-8 hour.

-Screw bracket quick release lamp frame design, including rapid removal of the lamp head and lamp base quick assembly and disassembly, the lamp base also has an adjustment range of 360 degrees, no dead angle of irradiation;

Fast mounting and dismounting of the lamp holder: The nut of the lamp holder is directly fixed inside the lamp holder. The screw adopts the manual knob type. It can be directly disassembled without borrowing tools. It is convenient and quick. It is suitable for handlebar diameter: 20-31MM.

Ready Stock, all orders ship within 24 hours.