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T30 Flashlight Outdoor Camping Light Led Torch USB Rechargeable Torchlight IPX6 Waterproof Emergency Lamp For Car Home

RM 58.90


  • USB data line charging, can be connected to the charger, the lamp has intelligent identification chip, it can charge for the Mobile Phone, iPad and other USB electronic products. Full of electricity can be used for more than 4hours.
  • Can be used as power bank to charge for mobile phone.
  • With warning flash, real-time lighthing bright, low light, flash and SOS signal for help 6 ways of use, 1 switch, 6 modes.
  • IP68 Waterproof.
  • The design of magnet and lanyard, on the back, increasing the adsorption function convenient suspension, with a wall mounted portable hanging type, etc.
  • Equipped with M6 copper insert nut, can be fixed on a tripod, camera bracket.
  • There are strong flashlight function, can be irradiated in the long distance.


  • short press the switch mode, long press off, IC into sleep
  • press first time, torch lighting
  • press second time, low brightness
  • press third time, moderate white light
  • press forth time, high white light
  • press fifth time, red and blue flashing
  • press sixth time, mosquito lighting
  • press seven time, turn off(or long press)


  • Model: T15(15cm)/T25(25cm)/T30(30cm)
  • Battery Capacity: 2600mAH /5200mAH/7800mAH
  • High Light: 8H
  • Soft Light: 30H
  • Moderate Light: 20H
  • Mosquito Lighting: 20H
  • Red/Blue Alternately: 30H
  • Flashlight: 20H
  • Maximum rated power: 2W/3W/5W
  • Input Voltage: DC5V
  • Output Voltage: DC5V 1A
  • Luminous flux: 160lm/350lm/480lm