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Self defence Arm Sleeves Shield Guard Build Steel Fiber Anti Cut Resistant +Gift

RM 32.00

Protective level: world anti cut the highest level of protective gloves: 5 levels.

The properties of product: prevent cutting, wear resistance, alkali resistance, microwave, antistatic

Product alias: the blade gloves, gloves, cutting knife gloves

Use: breaking intensity is high quality steel 5-10 times the performance of high strength fiber

The properties of product: prevent cutting, abrasion resistance, alkali resistance, microwave, antistatic.

Good elasticity, convenient, breathable, wearing does not affect the joint activity, can effectively prevent the tool for cutting, palm, fingers.

Product use: this product is a taxi driver industries from personnel of course of study is necessary for self-defense, petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, carnivorous segmentation metal processing, garbage sorting, relief rescue industries in calculating the time to use labor protection products.

Use: used rupture intensity is high quality steel 5-20 times Dyneema fiber wrapped stainless steel overbraided wire into gloves, stable quality, the inferior ordinary anti cut glove and kitchen manufacturer inferior prevent cut glove.

High abrasion-resistance Level 5

Build in stainless steel fiber


size: 38cm x 13cm

Color: Black