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SANAG A5S Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset Waterproof Sports Comfortable Jogging Handsfree Headphone Wireless Earphone

RM 88.90

Sanag A5S Bone Conduction Headphones

[BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONES with OPEN-EAR DESIGN] Bone conduction headphones generate vibrations that transmit sound through the zygomatic bone to the ossicles without passing through the external ear canal, which can keep you alert to your surroundings and avoiding danger while enjoying the headphones, especially for outdoor activities.

[Open Ear Design] SANAG sports Bluetooth headphones adopts open ear design, allowing you to perceive the surrounding environment keenly while listening to music, ensuring your safety during outdoor running, cycling, hiking, driving and so on.

[Clean and hygiene] Bone Conduction design headphones uses bone conduction to produce sound, which avoids the discomfort of wearing headphones for a long time and keeps the inside of the ear canal clean. Only 18g makes you more comfortable in the process of exercise, feels comfortable even after long time of usage.

[IP67 anti-sweat] IP67-certified waterproof sports earphones are made of high-quality alloy materials, which can be folded 360 degrees, stable and durable, and sweat-proof. They are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor scenes, allowing you to enjoy listening music in outdoor exercise.

[Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0] SANAG open-ear wireless headset using the upgrade Bluetooth 5.0, it can be easily to connect your smart phones, tablets, and other bluetooth devices, It can transmit up to 10m / 33ft distant audio, convenient for daily use.

[BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES with STABLE CONNECTION without LAGGING] Bone conduction perfectly combined with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, bone conduction to avoid the introduction of noise in the process of sound transmission in the air, thereby effectively improving sound quality. Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes signal transmission more stable and faster, super anti-interference ability.

[8 Hours of Music] Long playing time, 2 to 3 hours full charged and play music or phone call around 8 hours. Frosted surface, it will not make you uncomfortable even if you wear it for a long time.