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RFID Ridge US Metal Money Clip Leather Wallet Thin Card Holder Card Case Simple

RM 30.00

- RFID Ridge US Metal Money Clip Wallet Thin Card Holder Card Case Simple Leather Wallet

- With an integrated card slots, The Simple Wallet can accommodate various numbers of cards without making the wallet bulky; providing an extremely thin wallet that isn't limited in it's capacity.

-  The Ridge Metal Wallet is the re-designed version of our wallet based on feedback from backers and our own real-world use for over a year! We went back to the drawing board to incorporate some key new features without sacrificing the original design.

- The interior plates have been tapered at the edge to allow easier access to the middle cards, and re-machined with threads for seven hex screws on either side that turn the wallet into a "system" that can be completely disassembled by the user to replace the elastic and exchange outer plates for greater personalization.

Core design:

- Low profile to easily fit in your front pocket

- Block RFID-skimming devices (wireless identity theft)

- Singular Construction that won't let cards slip out the bottom

- Can accommodate a various number of cards

- Available in natural black, dark brown and light brown color

What's new:

- Ready stock, Re-Machined interior plates

- Improved button close, precise and quick

- Dedicated card slots with simple insert and push out operations

- Designed additional money compartment made of durable material

- Improved metals including a spring steel