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RFID Metal Wallet with Leather Cover Ridge US Popular Money Clip Aluminium Card Holder Special Collection Card Case

RM 49.00

- Ready stocks in Malaysia.

- Made of high quality of Genuine leather and aluminium.

- Dimensions approximately 6.3cm x 9.5cm x 1.5cm. Can hold for 6-8 cards, plus cover card compartment can hold 2 cards.

- Improved card ejection, precise and quick.

- Dedicated card slots with simple insert and push out operation.

- Designed additional money compartment made of durable material.

- Variations of colour which is available in Leather Black, Carbon Fibre Black and Leather Brown.

- Low profile to easily fit in your front pocket

- Block RFID-skimming devices (wireless identity theft)

- Metal Wallet with Leather cover that won't let cards slip out, can accommodate a various number of cards