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Portable Travel Bag Chinese Kung Fu Tea Set Purple Sand Clay Ceramic Teapot Teacups Gaiwan Home Sets Drinkware Gift

RM 27.50

Name: Purple Sand Tea Set

Items: 1 Teapot, 4 Teacups, 1 Tea Canister, 1 Towel and 1 Travel Bag; suitable size, convenient to carry, safe and easy to store with portable storage bag

Material: purple sand

Process: traditional firing process

Firing temperature: 1310

Packaging: travel packaging

Size:  Teapot: 7.5*12.3cm, V:200ml

 Cup: 3*6cm, V:35ml

 Storage tea can: 11*5.5cm

 Travel bag: 23.5*17cm

- Features xishi teapot design, there is a filter in the spout of the teapot, the tea leaf and the tea water can be separated automatically, the beautiful details of this traditional Chinese craftsmanship will bring beauty and elegance to your living room or office

- Not only can be used as a practical teapot set but also for gorgeous decoration, a breathing pot can keep tea fresh for a long time

- Ideal to be used for family gathering, business meeting, office tea set and give out as gifts for holidays, birthday, anniversary, etc

- Chinese style kungfu tea set, exquisite handmade craft brings it smooth touch feeling and luxurious appearance, high temperature burning production, safety and health