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Portable Clothes Dryer Mini Drying Machine Household Shoe Quick-drying Folding Travel Dormitory Compact Shoes Heating

RM 65.80

Portable Clothes Dryer Travel Mini Compact Fast Heating Drying Machine UV Light 2 Speed 

1. Constant temperature heating, intelligent two-speed drying mode, efficient drying of clothes and removing mites without harming clothes, so you are not afraid of cold and wet.

2. Double sterilization and disinfection: negative ion + pasteurization, large-area circulating heat sterilization, effectively solving moisture, odor and bacteria.

3. One machine for multiple purposes: not only can be used to dry a variety of daily necessities, such as towels, underwear, socks, swimsuits, Baby clothes, quilts, shoes, etc., but also can be used to dry wet hair and sterilize pets.

4. Turn on the UV germicidal lamp mode with a single button, double sterilization and care for the clothes, and also warm and clean clothes.

5. Physical noise reduction structure, low-noise operation, allows clothes to be dried in the middle of the night without disturbing others' sleep.

6. The body is only slightly larger than the iPhone, which is compact, portable and foldable, which is convenient for you to use when traveling at home and enjoy a warm and sterile life anytime, anywhere.

*** This product cannot be used to dry clothes with poor heat resistance, air-impermeable clothes, rubberized clothes and fine clothes, such as silk, down and clothes stained with flammable oil.


Material: ABS

Color: Green or Yellow

Size: Diameter 16.5 * 9CM

Weight: 450g

Rated power: 200W-400W

Rated voltage: 110V / 220V