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Nexstand Foldable Laptop Stand Portable K2 K7 Notebook Stand Travelling Ergonomic PC Lifter Holder Adjustable

RM 32.80

Nexstand Foldable Laptop Stand Portable K2 Notebook Stand Travelling 

Nexstand Foldable Laptop Stand Portable K2 Notebook Stand Gadgets Accessories

Nexstand Foldable Laptop Stand Portable Notebook Stand helps to correct the user's posture when using the laptop. Incorrect posture will cause damage to the spine and cervical vertebra, and directly lead to hunching back, joint diseases, sore muscle and poor sight. Hence, it is important to adjust the laptop to suitable height and sit in proper posture whilst working. The notebook stand is portable and foldable, hence handy to be brought around without adding much weight to your bag. Apart from that, it comes with 7 adjustable heights to allow you to adjust the laptop accordingly when needed. The notebook stand is made by sustainable nylon, an environmental friendly material. It is genuinely durable and strong whereby it can withstand up to 10kg weight when its own weight is only 240g.


  • Condition:100% Brand-new, unused, undamaged, item in its original packaging, guarantee high quality. 
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimension when closed: 35.4cm x 4cm x 4cm
  • Dimension when opened (highest): 26.5cm x 25cm x 25.9cm
  • Dimension when opened (lowest): 19.3cm x 27.2cm x 19.4cm
  • Product weight: 240g
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5KG
  • Package & accessories: Paper box, Nylon bag, K2 notebook stand. spacers, instruction

  • For 10.1-18.4 Laptop with any weight. 
  • One touch open and close to installation. 
  • Portable and Foldable to be carried in bag 
  • Double Flapper for laptops with different thickness: Small flapper for thin laptop, while Bigger flapper for thicker laptop 
  • Easyto use without Installation
  • Weighs 7 OZ, And You can put this stand in your schooldbag
  • Well Packaged with original elegant gift box, in safe condition.