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New Bring Ridge US Popular Metal Money Clip Aluminium Wallet Inspired

RM 32.90

- Ready Stock in Malaysia

- With an integrated elastic track, The Ridge 2.0 can accommodate various numbers of cards without losing elasticity; providing an extremely thin wallet that isn't limited in it's capacity.

- The Ridge 2.0 is the re-designed version of our wallet based on feedback from backers and our own real-world use for over a year! We went back to the drawing board to incorporate some key new features without sacrificing the original design.

- The interior plates have been tapered at the edge to allow easier access to the middle cards, and re-machined with threads for seven hex screws on either side that turn the wallet into a "system" that can be completely disassembled by the user to replace the elastic and exchange outer plates for greater personalization.

Core design:

Low profile to easily fit in your front pocket

Block RFID-skimming devices (wireless identity theft)

Singular Construction that won't let cards slip out the bottom

Expandable track that can accommodate a various number of cards

Available in brushed natural and black

What's new:

Re-Machined interior plates

Improved and replaceable elastic

Custom hex screws instead of rivets

Interchangeable faceplates (swap materials and money clips)

Improved traditional money clip design

Designed additional money clip with an internal spring (spring-loaded)

Improved metals including a spring steel