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Naturehike Outdoor Camping Portable Waterproof Foldable Round Bucket Folding Water Basin Washing Travel Hiking Storage

RM 33.90

The Foldable Round Bucket is a foldable travel bucket. The waterproof fabric allows you to store water in it. This lightweight, multifunctional folding bag will come in handy at any camping trip.

  1. collapsible bucket from Naturehike
  2. waterproof travel bag
  3. 10 or 20 liters
  4. compact
  5. convenient for storing water

With the Foldable Round Bucket you can forget about the problems with maintaining cleanliness and hygiene on a campsite or camping for several days. They are made of waterproof PVC material - so it can be used as a portable washbasin . You can wash your hands, face and legs in it, rinse dishes, store fruit, cool drinks. It folds to a minimum size , so you can easily pack it into a backpack or bag. 2 strong polypropylene handles will assist you in carrying it.


  • capacity: 10 or 20 Litre
  • Purpose: camping, camping, fishing etc.
  • material: PVC + polypropylene
  • 2 wide handles
  • low weight and compact size
  • waterproof material
  • very easy to unfold and fold


10 l | 20 l


25 x 21cm (10L)  | 33 x 25 cm (20L)

Dimensions after packing

25 x 2 cm (10L)  | 33 x 2 cm (20L)

Weight 210 g (10L) | 310 g (20L)