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MV Bag HAOSHUAI Sling Bag Messenger Chest Pouch Bag For Men Fashion Crossbody Casual Shoulder Beg Sandang Silang Lelaki

RM 22.90


Waterproof material 

Can be attached to the belt 

Bag Strap can be removed 

Solid metal material zipper head



Model: 212 

Material: Waterproof Nylon 

Size (L x W x H): 14 x 5 x 17cm 

Opening: Zipper Zipper 

Head: Metal Buckle 

Material: PU 

Strap Length: 165 cm, removable 

Number of Pockets: 6

Pockets / Bulkhead: 

1 x Front Pouch 

2 x Main Pouch 

2 x Non zipper inner bulkhead 

1 x Inner pocket with zipper