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Foldable Water Bucket Car Wash Pail Fishing Camping Outdoor Thick Portable Cleaning Collapsible Travel Air Baldi Lipat

RM 18.90


Thickened and foldable fishing bucket with comfortable handle, made of high-quality materials, handles are buckled together, strong and durable.

Free 5.5m length water rope.

The high-quality zipper design makes the switch close more smoothly and is durable.

The barrel is formed by hot-pressing, and the barrel is made of EVA material, which is easy to clean, durable and water-proof.

Foreign body filtering design, the water can filter foreign bodies while loading fish to prevent fish from jumping out.

Robust and durable car line design, even stitches, highlight the production process.

Thickened rubber connectors are installed on both sides of the bucket, which is more firm.

Adopt integrated hot-melt connection technology, uniform thickness, non-slip, and wear-resistant, bottom thickness 1.2mm

The barrel is soft and easy to fold, and it occupies a small space and is easy to carry.

Durable, anti-aging and anti-squeezing, high quality.


Material: Thick EVA

Color: black/grey/blue

Product size: 20*20*18cm (7 litre) 24*24*22cm (13 litre)