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Foldable Washing Machine Portable Folding Lightweight Travel Laundry Dryer Washer Mesin Basuh Cuci Baju Kecil Mini

RM 91.90


1. Folding laundry tub is perfect for washing light clothes that require separate cleanings, such as ties, T-shirts, underwear, and baby clothes. But not suitable for jeans, coats and other heavy clothing. 

2. Adopts advanced technology to form small bubbles and stains, quickly disperse and emulsify, achieve deep cleaning effect. 

3. This folding portable washing machine allows you to simply load clothes, fill it with water, and start washing! 

4. Folding design, mini size, and space-saving. 

5. Suitable for dormitories, apartments, business trips, travel, and other occasions.

Product Model: CX- -6063
Rated power: 50/60Hz
Product name: Folding washing machine
Barrel material: Safe certified TPE
Switch mode: touch button
Product Net Weight: 1.6kg
Product size: 260X260X170mm
Impeller material: PP
Washing capacity: 2.8L
Product gross weight: 1.9kg