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Flame Humidifier Air USB Fire Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Ultrasonic Mist Maker Mini Atomizer Home House

RM 64.90


Simulation flame lighting effect;

PP water tank can add essential oil aromatherapy atomization;

Key electroplating process, highlighting the quality;

Two levels of flame light brightness can be adjusted;

Built-in smart chip, protection against water shortage and power

Main parameters

Product Name: Flame Aroma Diffuser

Functional use: Aromatherapy function, constant humidity

Rated voltage: DC5.0V/2.0A

power supply: usb cable plug wired

Working current: 900mA

Rated power: 4.5W

Water tank capacity: 180ml

Atomization amount: 15-20mL/hr

Timing shutdown: yes, automatic power-off protection without water

Product color: white/black

Product size (mm): 171*75*101mm

Product weight (bare metal): 290g

Product operation instructions:

Aromatherapy function: add water to the water tank (not exceeding the water level), add appropriate amount of essential oil, short press the atomization switch button to turn on the aromatherapy atomization; short press again to stop the atomization work.

Light function: short press the light switch button to turn on the flame atmosphere light; long press again, the brightness of the flame atmosphere light increases by 30%; short press again; turn off the flame atmosphere light.

Protection function: built-in water shortage protection chip, automatically stop working after detecting that there is no water;