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Dongling Fruit and Vegetable Purifier Food Cleaner Capsule Machine Household Wireless Washing 东菱胶囊果蔬清洗机杀菌消毒无线净化器除自动洗菜

RM 169.00


1. Wireless purification, sterilization and removal of Pesticide Residues.

2. Sterilization rate> 99.9%

3. Multiple safety protection, easy to soak and clean

4. Inductive charging, can be used 25 times when fully charged

5. Electrolysis technology protects the health of the whole family

6. Using water as raw material, no chemical addition, no damage to food nutrition

7. No need to pick up the container, the volume is not limited, the volume is small, easy to pick and place


Battery capacity: 4400mah

Applicable water source: tap water, filtered water and other water quality

Default work: 10 minutes (3-5 liters of water capacity)

Voltage: 5v/8w

Can be used when fully charged: 25 times

Control method: lightly press the switch

Size: 91*91*162mm (including base)

Color: blue