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CLS Tableware Stainless Steel Plate Bowl Set Mess Kit Camping Outdoor Hiking Portable Cooking Cookware Pinggan Mangkuk

RM 35.90


1. The ultimate outdoor stainless steel pot and pan set is perfect for camping, hiking, picnic or beach trips. This makes it easier for you to enjoy delicious food, snacks and easy meals.

2. Heavy-duty Stainless Steel: Food grade safe, rust and scratch resistant, our dishwasher safe outdoor cookware is strong enough for children and adults, easy to clean, and reusable, helping to reduce waste and save the environment.

3. Carefully Polished: Crimping design, smooth without hurting hands, carefully polished, wide and thick corners.

4. Storage Bag: Comes with ethnic style storage bag, wear-resistant and tear-resistant storage bag, easy to carry.

Packing include : The 8 pieces set contains 1 big pot, 1 medium pot, 1 frying fan, 1 platter, 2 plates and 2 cups


Brand : CLS

1. Model : Stainless Steel Tableware 8pcs

Size: about 23.8x8.5x15.8 (in storage size)

Weight: about 749g

Material: 410 stainless steel

Package Include :

- 1 Big pot

- 1 Medium pot

- 1 Frying fan

- 1 Platter

- 2 Plates

- 2 Cups

2. Model : Stainless Steel Tableware 5 pcs

Size: about 15.7x9x15.7 (in storage size)

Weight: about 613g

Material: 304 stainless steel

Package Include :

- 1 Big pot

- 1 Medium pot

- 1 Frying fan

- 1 Big Cup

- 1 Small Cup