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Calculator with Drawing Pad Electronic Writing Tablet Notepad Digital 6.5inch Screen Notes Stylus Pen Home Office School

RM 47.90

- Ready Stock in Malaysia

- ROLL-INTO-ONE : This calculator notepad is a combination of calculator and writing board. With the stylus pen magnetically attached to its side, you can calculate and record at any time.

- NO KEYPAD TONE: The keyboard of the calculator is silicon-made, which gives you much more comfortable touch feeling and a silent using experience.

- PORTABLE: This lightweight calculator is clamshell, with this feature, the keyboard can be well protected. And its portable size will allow you to take it out anywhere.

- RECHARGEABLE: Compared with traditional calculator, our product applies Type-C cable to power itself instead of one-time button battery. Great choice for eco-friendly lifestyle!

- 1.2 in 1 Writing tablet calculator, 6.5inch mini size, light weight and protable, more convenience to use in daily.

- 2.For simple arithmeitc, record calculation process and results, record while calculating

- 3.The writing and painting effect on the LCD tablet as well as on the paper, clear,soft and natural handwriting, nonradiative, non blue-ray, no hurt for eyes

- 4.Instead of paper, using repeatedly, avoid wasting paper, eco-friendly

- 5.Slot for the pen, to prevent the pen from losing

- 6.One-click delete, easy to clear handwriting

- 7.It has built-in rechargeable battery, Type-C input port, low power consumption, it will not wast power when writing, it just wast a bit power when you press the deleted button.

- 8.The lock function, prevent accidental deletion when you write

- 9.It can be used for homes, schools, shopping malls, offices etc.