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BSWolf Outdoor Lantern Lamp Solar Light Rechargeable USB Camping Tent LED Garden Lighting Waterproof Portable Deco Retro

RM 42.90


  1. Vintage style camping lantern, flame free, smoke free and worry free to let your enjoy the cosy feeling.
  2. Made of Hard plastic main body with iron handle, durable, waterproof and wear resistance.
  3. Charged by solar power, and input & output USB port, can be used as power bank for smartphones or mobile devices in emergency.
  4. Design with a ring on the top suitable for backyard or patio, or in a tent while on a trek, no wiring required.
  5. Great for hiking, camping, hunting, exploring, walking dogs, cycling and other outdoor activities!


Battery: 1pc 18650 battery

Use time: brightest state 5 hours or so

Warm light effect imitate fire effect, creating great outdoor camping atmosphere and experience  

Output voltage: 4.2V1A

Solar panel: 5.5V 90ma 0.45 (W) 0.085 (A)

Shell material: new ABS plastic