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Bicycle Folding Lock Security Anti-Theft Password for MTB Road Bike Foldable Cycling Strong Steel Safe Blocking Chain

RM 48.90

[SECURITY COMBO BIKE LOCK]: This folding ebike lock is adjustable. The structure of 8 thickened steel chains ensures that the bike security is indestructible.

[HEAVY DUTY ANTI-THEFT]: Anti-smashing and anti-prying, sensitive to movement. The foldable design makes the bike lock easy to carry and placed in the portable strap. The combo folding lock adopts a four-digit code design, with about 10,000 code combinations, which is not easy to crack.

[WATERPROOF MATERIAL]: This security lock cable is covered in ABS rubber lacquer and 304 stainless steel, impact resistant and easy to fold. The riveting has been strengthened, and it is more wear-resistant and anti-deformation.

[EASY TO CARRY]: The foldable ebike lock is compact, and fits scooters and has special rivets that can be folded easily. Once you get the bike lock, you no longer need the key, which is more secure and convenient.