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Bathroom Towel Hanger Rack 60cm Black Wall Mounted Holder Bar Easy Install No Drill Rak Tuala Besi Bilik Mandi

RM 37.90

- Ready Stocks in Malaysia.

- Dimension approximately 60cm x 19cm x 14.8cm

- The bathroom towel holder adopts high quality aluminum alloy material, which is durable and can be used for long time.

- Durable solid stainless steel material Towel Rack Bathroom towel holder.

- Applications: Ideal for both home and office bathroom. Modern look, concealed screws design.

- Well-polished surface, no sharp edges, smooth and handy, easy to use.

- It contains shelf and towel bar, which has enough space for placing bath essentials, and it is also space-saving.

- With this practical wall-mounted towel rack, it is very convenience to keep towel close at hand.

- Perfect for hanging and organizing your face towel, bath towels and clothes in order.

- The foldable design bathroom towel holder can be adjusted by your heart.

- It is easy to install without drilling hole on the wall.

Installation steps

1.Glue in vertical direction

2.Install on the wall and squeeze firmly for 30 seconds

3. Paste white auxiliary stickers

4.Stick to the wall and squeeze for 30 seconds Available after waiting 72 hours

- Please choose a suitable flat hard surface for installation according to the requirements of the installation surface.

- Please pay attention to perforation-free installation.

- The wall surface must be flat and strong glass tiles. Wait for 3-5 days after applying the glue on the wall, and the nail-free glue is completely dry before use!

Package included :

- 1 x Space Aluminum Towel Rack

- 1 x Set of Screws

- 1 x Nail free glue