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Alat Kacukan Bunga / Tree Plant Grafting Tool Pruning Set + Bag +Free Gift

RM 40.00

This is a plant grafting (kacukan bunga) tool which makes your work much easier than traditional way. The chances of the plants surviving are also higher since it is grafted to fit exactly to the rootstock.

You can learn more on how to graft plants successfully by following the link below

Easy to use and save 40% of the time and energy of traditional grafting method. Change the blades to whichever suits your needs.


Material: High carbon steel

Feature: Anti-Slip Grip, Folding, Telescopic

Finishing: Plastic Coated

Pruner Type: Anvil

Grafting diameter: 5-12 MM

Graft Union Width: 2 MM

Graft Union Depth:10 MM

Detail Size: As the picture shows below

Colour: Black

Weight: 300g


1. Do not use on dry or old hard branch.

2. Keep children away from the cutting tools.

Package included:

1X Grafting Cutting Tool (With U Shape Blade)

2X Blade (V Shape& Ω Shape)

1X Wrench

1X Screwdriver

1X Packing Box