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7 in 1 Universal Phone Lens Package Wide Angle Micro Camera Macro Clip

RM 42.90

- Ready Stock in Malaysia

- 7 Pcs Camera Lens Phone In 1 Kit: 120°Wide lens, Macro lens 15X , 198° Fisheye lens, 2X Telephoto Zoom lens, Circular Polarizing Lens (CPL), Kaleidoscope lens, Starburst lens. Please note that the wide-angle lens and macro lens are screwed together.

- Wide-angle Lens for capturing a broader scene; Macro Lenses for providing intense up-close detail of subjects, fisheye lenses for a fun, circular view of the world; CPL lens filter out scattered light, reduce reflection, Kaleidoscope lens shows an overlapping vision. Starburst Lens shows a starlight effect.

- The phone camera lens adopted with premium Germany optical glass and crafted with 8 layer coated to minimize reflections and lens flare,make the picture distortion below 6%.And maximuming clarity, restore the original color and provide outstanding pictures to us.The lens frame is made of aluminum alloy for durability and lightweight.

- Package includes: 7 in 1 phone camera lens kits, 1 x universal clip and 1 x travelling case for lens.

- Wide Angle Lens And Macro Lens In a 2-in-1 Set: These two smart phone camera lens are screwed together for easy storage. To use the wide angle, simply attach both lenses to the clip provided. To use the macro lens, simply unscrew the wide angle lens

- Carrying case make it easy for traveling, separate packing design and professional lens cover to prevent friction, inside lens use guide provide you detailed instructions

- Provide much more convenience and wonderful effect in taking stunning photos of people, pets, travel scenery, landscapes, architecture, selfies, etc.

- Camera Lens Features

Macro Lens

Magnification: 15X

Features: Take close-ups and detailed photos in crisp detail

Telephoto Lens

Magnification: 2.0X Minimum

Features: Capable of 2x the Zoom, delivers superior quality pictures from a distance without move an inch

Wide Angle Lens

Angle: 120°

Features: Shoot larger range of scenery, extended the width of shot by 0.63x,perfect for group selfies, travel, landscapes and more.

Fisheye Lens

Angle: 198° Super wide

Features: large scene can be captured by fisheye lens, give images a round, fish bowl effect, takes you into a fantastic world.

CPL Lens

Features: Remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water to enhance color saturation.

Kaleidoscope Lens

Features: Show you an overlapping vision. Starburst Lens : Add a dramatic Star flare to very bright areas.

Starburst Lens

Features: Add a dramatic Star flare to very bright areas.