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Coolcold 360 Rotatable Laptop Stand Adjustable Height with Phone Stand Tablet Ergonomic Portable Foldable Notebook

RM 31.90

- The bottom turntable design of the bracket makes it easy to achieve 360-degree free rotation, work communication, and the convenience of friends to share.

- Ten-point angle adjustment, pick a good angle to bid farewell to the hard work, protect the health of the cervical spine and lumbar spine, in the work and play, can balance heat and comfort.

- Compatible and packaged within 17 inches, it supports mainstream notebooks on the market, and can be used under 17 inches.

- Loaded 20 kg, stable and not shaking, injection molded with ABS material, solid and solid, safe and reliable.

- LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - With dimension of 290mmX266mmX21.5mm (LxWxH), this laptop riser is convenient for you to carry almost anywhere