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SH39 Bluetooth Gaming Speaker RGB Soundbar Wireless with Clock 3D Surround HIFI Sound LED Alarm USB Bass Home PC Woofer

RM 95.90

Main Features:

- 1800R Curved Screen: colourful laser light, large HD mirror screen, mechanical axis button (Premium Model), frosted shell, time function display.

- HIFI Sound Quality: covers the full range of high, medium and low, with surround sound effects.

- HD Full Frequency Speakers: 6W*2 high-power dual speakers + dual diaphragm.

- Smart Compatibility: compatible with mobile phones, computers, tablet Bluetooth devices.

- 5.0 Bluetooth Technology: using Bluetooth smart chip, the sound quality is clearer and more natural.

- Multiple Playback Methods: support AUX audio cable, TF card, U disk, Bluetooth, USB sound card connection and playback.

- Alarm Clock Function + Clock Function (Premium Model): equipped with digital display, clock display and alarm display.

- 3600mAh Long Battery Life: high-performance Large-capacity Lithium

- Battery, Standby for about 24 hours, Use about 6 hours.