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Super Bright Double Head Spotlight Flashlight W844 Searchlight Torch Light Waterproof Rechargeable 40W Floodlight LED

RM 49.40


  • Waterproof This product is waterproof, it is suitable for outdoor activities, such as camping, adventure, etc.
  • LED light beads With the LED light beads, the range can reach 300-500 meters.
  • Multifunctional This is a multifunctional two-way outdoor working lamp with high brightness, wide range and long endurance. Necessary It is suitable for outdoor survival, automotive equipment, power emergency use. It is necessary for you. In addition, the red and blue lights can flash alternately, it can do warning, risk aversion. It also can be used as rescue signal lights.
  • Built-in battery This product is with built-in rechargeable battery, it has long lighting hours. Multi-gear position switch This product has multi-gear position switch, weak, medium, strong three gear position.


Item Type: LED handheld spotlight

Material: High quality, strong and durable ABS material

Description: - Projector Professional and High Brightness LED Reflectors. - Portable two-way light source for a variety of occasions. - It offers illumination distances of up to 300-500 meters and two different lighting modes, perfect for illuminating the entire room or camp. Built-in large-capacity rechargeable battery for long lighting hours, prevent splashing at various angles, suitable for outdoor environments. - Perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, cycling and more outside activities. Specification: Light bulb: L2 + 35 patch lamp beads Power: 40w Battery: 2 * 32650 Battery (included) Battery capacity: 10000 mAh Working time: 4-6 hours (depend on usage) Charging time: 2-3 hour Charging voltage: 5v Discharge voltage: 4A Material: ABS Colour: Black Mode: 3modes Function: multi-level switch, tact switch, turn on weak medium light in turn (low white light - white light - strong white light patch (red / blue / flash) strong and weak flash) Battery indicator: The four sides are blue and fully illuminated when fully charged. Charging indicator: When charging, the green light flashes. Fully charged, the green light is always on Charging: USB straight Package: 

X1 Super Bright Flashlight X1 USB Charging Cable