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SUOHUANG USB Laptop Cooler with Intelligent Temperature Mode Portable LED Adjustable Cooling Exhaust Fan For Notebook

RM 26.90

- Ready Stock In Malaysia.

- Equipped with 3 different sizes of wind deflectors, suitable for various notebooks, compatible with 12-17 inch notebook computers.

- Adjustable speed, low noise, easy to use

- Small size, light weight, easy to carry

- Super double-sided anti-skid effect, more firm and convenient.

- Not only can the computer be cooled, but also the service life of the computer can be extended.

- Temperature control version, automatically detect the temperature, and then automatically adjust the speed intelligently to protect your device more effectively.

- More Vision is committed to providing our customers with high quality products, we are dedicated to ensuring your fully satisfaction.

Specifications :

- Fan Speed: 5V version ( 1500RPM - 3200RPM )

- Input Power: 1.75W

- Input Voltage: 12V

- Air Volume: 75.35CFM

- Product Size: 8.3cm x 16.8cm

- Turbo Fan Life: More than 50000 hours

Note:The above marked dimensions are manual measurement, there may be slight difference.