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LEAVEN Punk REAL Blue Switch RGB Mechanical Keyboard 87/104 Keys Gaming Backlight Keycaps For Office Laptop PC Notebook

RM 76.90

Features (104 keys):

1. One-key switching of 9 kinds of magical lighting effects can be realized, and the height of the lighting effects can be adjusted with the knob. M1/M2/M3 buttons preset the game building area lighting

2. Splash-proof design, the back of the keyboard is designed with multiple hydrophobic holes, even if the liquid is accidentally spilled into the keyboard during use, the liquid can flow out naturally, taking care of your keyboard

3. The keyboard is carefully designed, and the ergonomic high and low key positions are optimized for the layout, which is comfortable to Contact and type for a long time, and enjoy the comfort of fingertips

4. The keycap feels fine and delicate, two-color injection molding, no fading and abrasion resistance, long-term use, the characters will not fade, uniform light transmission, no glare, no slipping oil

5. Support light effect adjustment, brightness adjustment, light can be turned off, and breathing mode, etc.Support three modes of constant light/breathing/heartbeat


Material: ABS+metal

Brand name: LEAVEN

Product name: 87/104 key real mechanical colorful keyboard

Key cap type: Two-color injection molding

Lighting effect: Cool and charming lighting effect, multiple lighting Modes

Product appearance: metal drawing panel/narrow edge design

Product color: Black punk key cap/white punk key cap

Liqhtinq control: FN+INS

Product interface: USB cable with magnetic ring

Product size: approximately 360 x 130 x 36mm (87keys) , 435 x 130 x 36mm (104keys)

Weight: about 660 g